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Titanforge WoW Podcast

Mar 4, 2022

In this podcast we go over the new 9.2 content - Sepulcher of the First ones and the Encrypted Affix - and give our initial impressions.

Note that the next episode will likely be delayed until after the Race to World First is over - so probably 2 weeks will be missed. We may end up recording something at a weird time as well for the next episode, so stay tuned to our Twitter (@titanforgeWoW) or our Discord linked at the bottom of this description to potentially catch it live!

Here's our Clip of the Week from maximum's stream:

0:00 Intro
6:04 Heroic Sepulcher
26:22 Tip of the Week
32:38 Encrypted and Tazavesh
52:26 Patreon Thanks
55:09 Q&A

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Music: Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod