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Titanforge WoW Podcast

Apr 5, 2020

Main topic begins around 28 minutes in - before that, we cover MDI updates, and discuss the differences in the push week vs. bad week dynamic this season compared to previous seasons.

This week we're covering how to best make use of your group's composition. If you have some off-meta specs in your group, we've covered some of the changes you can make to routes to play to their strengths, and some of the sacrifices you'll have to make if you're lacking different abilities in your group. This isn't a comprehensive list, but is instead intended to be a starting point to help you think about these decisions for your own group.

Logistics notes: We're now on, and for the next 6 weeks our times will be changing due to the MDI happening on weekends. Stay tuned to our twitter @titanforgewow for updates!

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Music: Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0: By Attribution license.