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Titanforge WoW Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Find Crypticzz at and

Here are the Wowhead summaries of the dev interviews discussed during this...

Apr 22, 2022

This week we're covering the exciting info about the upcoming Dragonflight expansion!

A bunch of links discussed during the...

Apr 15, 2022

This week is all about M+ - the state of the Metagame both for high keys and MDI!

Here are the MDI Time Trials results:

Next week we'll dive into the big announcement that will come out on Tuesday!

0:00 Intro
5:33 Main Topic: M+

Apr 8, 2022

Here's the announcement of Season 4:

And here's Wowhead's summary of the Dev Interview:

Here's the full video...

Apr 1, 2022

Find Narcolies on twitch here: and twitter here:

This week we're talking with Echo's Narcolies about the entire story of their journey to World First!

We should be back on a regular schedule going forward, sorry for missing more weeks than expected!